Salvation Army Building

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Constructed in 1924 with a large addition in 1930, the former Salvation Army Building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places by Powers & Company, Inc. in 2015. The Gothic Revival style building is significant for its association with a prominent local charitable institution that provided vital practical services to the poor, marginalized and under accommodated members of the community. More specifically, the Evangeline Residence for Young Women offered “soup, soap and salvation” to a new and growing segment of the professional population who otherwise did not have access to affordable and appealing housing facilities. The building also went beyond sleeping accommodations to provide stability through social and recreational functions, fostering the personal objectives and general independence of the women under its roof.

After listing, Powers & Company, Inc. facilitated the applications for the Federal Historic Tax Incentives, which involved the renovation of the building into a hotel with restaurant space on the 1st floor. Because of the compatibility between the original and current functions, all of the significant interior and exterior elements of the buildings were preserved.

  • National Register,
  • Tax Incentives,
  • Conservation.