Select Company Awards
2012 National Preservation Honor Award - National Trust for Historic Preservation, Philadelphia Main
     Post Office in Philadelphia, PA
2012 Award of Merit for Physical Preservation - The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, Old
     Town Hall in Stamford, CT
2011 Grand Jury Award - Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia, Philadelphia Main Post Office
     in Philadelphia, PA
2009 Award of Merit - Ohio Historic Preservation Office, Seneca Hotel in Columbus, OH
2007 National Preservation Honor Award - National Trust for Historic Preservation, Urban Outfitters
     Headquarters Complex, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, PA
2006 Excellence in Historic Resources - Washington, D.C. chapter of the AIA, Pittsburgh Post Office
     and Courthouse, Pittsburgh, PA
2004 New Jersey Historic Preservation Office Award - "Nipper Building," Building 17, RCA-Victor
     Complex, Camden, NJ
2003 Preservation Achievement Award, Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia, Insurance
     Company of North America Building, Philadelphia, PA
2001 Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Award, Preservation Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Historical
     and Museum Commission, PSFS Building, Philadelphia, PA
2000 The Association for Preservation Technology International, Presidential Citation, PSFS Building,
     Philadelphia, PA
About the Firm
Powers & Company, Inc. is a national consulting firm specializing in the preservation, conservation, rehabilitation and restoration of historic buildings, structures, and sites.

Formed in 1995, the firm has an established reputation, having successfully completed hundreds of major rehabilitation and restoration projects nation-wide and has been recognized by numerous entities, including the Urban Land Institute, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the American Institute of Architects, the Association for Preservation Technology, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia.

We pride ourselves in our diverse client base of architects, developers, historic house museums, government agencies, corporations and educational institutions. We are known for our ability to problem-solve and craft practical solutions with clients that are both sensitive to development and preservation issues.
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